Engines have a warranty forĀ 24 months or 36,000 milesĀ under normal driving conditions. This warranty is void if the engine is disassembled, altered or in any way modified before our inspection or if the engine is overheated or if the heat tab has been removed or is melted. There are no returns on installed engines.

Replace oil and oil filter prior to use.

Proof of professional installation. Labor charges are not covered under this warranty.

There is no responsibility for improper installation or usage after time of purchase. Seller is not liable for and purchaser waives all claims for consequential damages which result from the sale of the above parts including, but not limited to labor charges to install or remove the parts, loss of income, wages or salary or car rental charges. Buyer’s sole remedy against seller shall be a return of the price on the front side of the invoice, minus any shipping and handling charges, or an exchange of a replacement part. There are no warranties of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose and no warranties which extend beyond the description on the face hereof.


By law, we charge sales tax for items shipped to these states: Florida 6.


The following items are not covered under warranty.
Oil leaks, Water leaks, exhaust leaks, faulty or else water pumps, the covers, oil pans, exhaust manifolds, coils, AC pumps, alternators, radiators, air conditioning coil, heater cores, engine mounts, spark plug wires, distributors, rusty bolts, computers, wiring harnesses, fuel injectors, brake boosters, headlights, radiators, transmissions, etc. The reason behind all this this is all your cosmetic stuff that is transferred from your old engine to the new one. There may be flaws, cracks, and other signs of age at the time installation. Oil leaks, exhaust manifold leaks, water leaks, air conditioning freon leaks, etc. must be addressed by customers. These are a maintenance issue. We only cover internally lubricated parts.