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  1. Mark swapped my engine out a few months ago. The engine runs great – I get better gas mileage – and I can feel the difference in power. I am very happy that I found Mark and recommend him to everyone I can. Highly recommended.

  2. Thanks Mark. The engine is great. Mark was the most affordable I could fine and did the work right in my garage. I didn’t have to have my truck towed.

  3. I bought an engine from Mark and had it replaced. Good value.

  4. Mr. Mark has been extremely helpfull. Even calls you back! Who does that these days!?.Needed advice along the way on my 4.7 jeep H.O. rebuild. He’s like having an uncle in the auto repair business. ;)
    Titusville, Florida

  5. Great guy to do business with. If you call him with any questions, he answers his phone unlike most sellers. I did an exchange due to the large hole in the side of my block. Tried to say it was the dip stick hole. Oh well that didn’t fly !! :0) I’ve put about 8500 on it so far and no problems what so ever. He delivered my motor in 4 days, that really surprised me. He even called me to let me know I left a knock sensor in my block. Even offered to send it to me. But for a $13.00 part and wanting my Chrysler 300C flying down the road, I told him that was a tip.:0) Well I sure hope this helps in your decision… I will definitely buy again !! Thanks, Mark for all your help !! Hope you don’t miss my calls. If so just give me a ring.. :0) Thanks, MP Gulf Shores Al.

  6. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!! The 16 valve 4.7 and the 32 valve 4.7 were built by a suppurb and infanant dodge engine perfectionist. I am highly pleased and fortunate to have found some company as Marks Engines Sales. It was well worth the trip to pick the engines up.

  7. First off, I had a great experience using marks engine shop. I got my engine 4 days after originally quoted, but the delay was because of some hard to get timing chains and holidays. Life happens, and I am an understanding person, who would rather have a CORRECT motor than a QUICK motor. I got a CORRECT motor when it arrived. I did the install myself, and i had plenty of questions.

    • My computer posted early for some reason- anyhow:
      When I had questions, I called Mark and he helped me troubleshoot. When I got everything back in, the motor ran rough. He helped me troubleshoot, and finally we traced all my problems back to a clip that didnt let my TPS plug go in all the way, a bad fuel injector, and a faulty o2 sensor making my computer go haywire and throw a series of bad codes that were not even valid. He did not have to help me with all that, but took the time to be a good businessman. If you are patient and respectful, Mark will help you out. If I have a need for a Chrysler engine in the future, I would not hesitate to give Mark a call.



  8. Thanks Mark for the excellent service! Mark delivered my engine to my home. He also gave me a few suggestions and advice for installing my new reman. The best part of it all was the fact that any questions, concerns, or problems I encountered he was only a phone/text anyway. He built a high quality engine for me, once it was installed I had one issue with a ground that I failed to clean the connection. My 4.7 liter runs much better now than ever before, Thanks Mark

  9. I am a retired machinist and engine builder of 40+ years. I had open heart surgery two years ago, and am therefore not able to do my own work any longer. This is the first time I have ever had someone else build an engine for me, and was understandably skeptical, knowing that the 4.7 was a “tempermental” one to build at best.
    I am very glad to say that I am more than pleased with the quality I have observed with Mark’s workmanship.
    The repair facility I had my engine swapped out at said it was the quietest and best running engine they had ever installed.
    Thanks again Mark. Well done!

  10. Thanks Mark. Glad I found you for my replacement engine. Runs excellent. Got my truck back on the road. Thanks Keith.

  11. Thanks Mark!! You went out of your way for us!
    We are very pleased with the motor! Runs great!
    Honest and dependable person to work with.
    Would highly recommend Marks Engine Shop to
    anyone needing a motor!

  12. My son let his engine run without oil and it burned several rod bearings. Luckily I found Mark’s Engines and he delivered a rebuilt engine to my house. I’m in the upper part of Florida and he is in the lower part but he was able to deliver it to me. During my install I had several questions and Mark always answered his phone and willing to answer all my questions. And I called him more than a half dozen times with questions and he patiently helped me. I would highly recommend Mark for anyone needing a rebuilt engine. We have over a thousand miles on it and it is running great. Thanks Mark.

    2007 Dodge Charger 2.7L

  13. I just had an engine rebuild and replaced by mark, the work quality was great and so was the service thanks for everything mark

  14. I just had an engine rebuild and replaced by mark, the work quality was great and so was the service thanks for everything mark. Mark answered all my questions and all on the first call

  15. I can’t say enough good things about Mark. He fixed what another shop screwed up and did it in less time than he originally quoted. Even more impressive is that he came in on a morning that he could have justifiably taken off to finish my car.

    Great work and an even better guy.

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