A rebuilt or remanufactured engine is a previously used engine that has been disassembled and rebuilt. Please call for availability.


Internal engine specialists. LLC  believes in quality. Every engine we rebuild begins with thorough cleaning, inspection and machining of all re-manufactured castings. Engine blocks are inspected and honed to the manufacturers specifications. Crankshafts are ground and polished. Cylinder heads are thoroughly inspected and vacuum tested.
Nothing is left to chance. Our quality machining process would be wasted if we didn’t also use the finest engine parts available. Only parts from proven quality brands such as Fel-Pro, Sealed Power, Dynagear, Clevite and Melling go into our engine. Each rebuild comes with a 24 Month/36,000 Mile Warranty. The bottom line stands behind the work we do, giving you peace of mind and years of trouble free service.
The major benefits from a rebuilt engine are 5-10% better fuel economy and reduced emissions! Gas prices will only increase, so being a smart consumer will be more important than ever. Bring back the new car or truck power to your ride!